Hypnotist – Isaac Lomman

Isaac Lomman is set to mesmerize CDT once again with his outrageously funny Comedy Hypnosis Show. A uniquely different experience as The Hypnotist creates a hilarious show entirely out of volunteers from the crowd. Focusing on the power of the human mind and what our Imaginations can achieve, Isaac ensures a hilarious show with a powerful message: Reality Is Plastic!

You can SEE the Show or BE the Show in this all ages show.

Volunteers Only!
No one is forced on stage as Isaac only works with volunteers who want to be hypnotized from the audience – first on stage become the stars of the show.

All Ages!
This show is enjoyed by all ages from 9-90 with only mild adult themes as Isaac whips up hilarity for all without the need to use overly crude scenarios. Great for the whole family!