If you have any dietary requirements beyond what we offer please leave a note in your booking so that we can be aware of you needs as we can cater for most dietary requirements.


Personalized bacon and feta mini quiche garnished with a caramelized onion chutney.


Sliced pear on a bed of Arugula and shaved Parmesan cheese with a sprinkle of candied walnuts and a drizzle of raspberry vinaigrette. (DF option available on request)


Tender chicken breast atop rosemary roasted chat potatoes and garlic green beans with a creamy lemon and thyme sauce.


Tender ribeye fillet served medium on Moroccan sweet potato puree with prosciutto wrapped asparagus and a red wine jus. (DF option available on request)


Creamy gnocchi tossed with oven roasted pumpkin and sage with a burnt butter sauce sprinkled with roasted pine nuts.


A light and fresh fruit Parfait with layers of ginger nut crumble and white chocolate mousse topped with crushed meringue and mixed berries. (GF option available on request)

Our A La Carte menu is a limited menu as many nights we may have over 100 guests that place orders within a 60 minute time frame. In order to maintain speed of service and food quality we have had to limit our A La Carte Menu. We are always adding new items to our menu so keep an eye on this page for any updates.

A La Carte Menu


  • Potato wedges (V)

    • 10.00

    Freshly fried potato wedgesseasoned to perfection and served with sour cream and sweet chili sauce for dipping

  • Sweet Potato Fries

    • 10.00

    A healthy serving of sweet potato fries served alongsidelime aoli

  • Bruschetta (V)

    • 16.00

    Creamy goats cheese paired with prosciutto and dried figs


  • Antipasto Platter

    • 26.00

    A selection of cured and smoked meats with house made preserves, selection of cheeses and crackers

  • Nachoes Grande

    • 23.00

    Large Tortilla chips topped with a generous helping of beef, diced tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce and cheese. Sour cream and salsa served on the side. Serves 2+

  • Super salad

    • 18.00

    Oven roasted beetroot, chilli dusted pumpkin, candied walnutsand crumbled feta tossed together in a honey mustard vinaigrette dressing on a bed of mesculine lettuce


  • Chocolate Macadamia Tart

    • 13.00

    Shortbread crust filled with rich milk chocolate with a sprinkling of crushed macadamia and topped with whipped cream

  • Sticky Date Pudding

    • 13.00

    Warm Sticky Date pudding with salted caramel sauce and a side of whipped cream





Burlesque Blanc de Blancs, WA        B 48
Rapture Brut Cuvee NV, SA              B 39    G 8.5
Lucid, House Sparkling                     B 38    G 8


Illusia, House White                          B 30    G 7
Little Angels Sauv Blanc, NZ            B 39     G 8.5
Spring Seed Sauv Blanc Semi, SA   B 37
Madfish Reisling, WA                        B 38
La Villa Pinot Grigio, Italy                  B 42    G 10
Mt Trio Chardonnay, WA                   B 38    G 8
Delamere Chardonnay, TAS             B 40


Le Chapiteaue, House Red               B 30     G 7
Howard Park Cabernet Sauv, WA     B 52
Spice Trader Shiraz Cabernet, SA    B 38
Tyrrell’s Shiraz, NSW                        B 45      G 10
Mothers Milk Shiraz. SA                   B 50
Austins 6FT6 Pinot Noir, VIC            B 42      G 10
Mr. Mick Sanglovese, SA                 B 38


SweetPea Moscato, SA                    B 38       G 8


Alehouse Larger (3.4%)       8
Alehouse Summer (4.2%)    9
Pressman’s Apple Cider       9


XXXX Gold                  7
Yenda Pale Ale            7
Rekordling Cider          8
Corona                         8
Great Northern             8
Crown                           8
Canadian Club & Dry    8


Vodka                              8
Bundy Rum                     8
Bacardi Rum                   8
JW Red                           8
Jack Daniels                   8
Jim Beam                       8
Gordon’s Gin                  8
Grey Goose                    10
Bacardi Oak Heart          10
Malibu                             10
Captain Morgan              10
JW Black                         10

Chivas Regal 12              10
Wild Turkey                      10
Hendrick’s Gin                 10
Gentleman Jack               10
Jose Cuervo                     10
Midori                               10


Soft Drinks                      4
Lemon Lime Bitters        4.50
Tea or Coffee                  3.50
Mocktail                          8


These menus may change without notice.