Clue Live

Join us as you enter into a completely immersive experience that brings you back to 1920’s New York, your task is to collect the clues and interrogate the other guests while completing multiple tasks  throughout the evening. Witness everything in real time with the freedom to interrogate any suspect.

This experience is a combination of improvisation and murder mystery that allows the audience the freedom to create a 100% unique experience every night.

With the help of a few “planted suspects” you’ll be taken on an interactive journey throughout the evening as you try your best to find the murderer!

You’re the detective, the suspects, and maybe even the MURDERER…can you solve this who dunit?

ATTENTION: All audience members will be playing a role in this murder mystery so please come expecting to interact with other audience members throughout the evening. You will take on a specific character and need to complete specific tasks throughout the evening that will help you solve the mystery. Dressing up in costume is 100% encouraged but this event isn’t recommended for anyone under the age of 15.